Rik's daughter, Jennifer, joined her father in the decorative arts profession in 2005.  Jennifer has honed her craft through the careful teaching of her father.  Rik is very complimentary of his daughter's artistic skills saying, "In many areas such as glazing and cabinet finishes her skill level is getting better than mine."  In addition to her artistic skills, Jennifer's high-energy personality is apparent when she walks into the room.  She genuinely cares about the clients and loves seeing happy with the completed project.  In addition to studying with Rik, Jennifer has completed the applicator-training program for the American Clay Plasters and has become very proficient in the new furniture paints.  She often assists Rik in his monthly classes where he teaches the skills necessary to utilize the Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint  system.

Needless to say, Rik is very proud of the fact that Jennifer has chosen to follow in his footsteps and sees a bright future for her in the decorative arts field.  


Rik Lazenby is the co-owner and principal artist of Lazenby's Decorative Arts Studio, Inc.  Rik began his decorative arts business in 2000 after serving 32 years as an art teacher and administrator in a local school district.  Rik has a strong art background  with both a Bachelor and Master's Degree from the University of Alabama with an emphasis in art education.  However, to excel in his new business he had to sharpen his skills by studying with nationally and internationally recognized masters in the decorative arts industry.  After fourteen years in the decorative arts, Rik's artistic skills have been recognized by many of the industry leaders and he regularly asked to teach at various locations around the country. One of the locations where Rik has taught is the Faux Finish School in Louisville, Kentucky owned and operated by Martin Alan Hirsch.  Ironically, this is where Rik began his decorative art journey in 2000.  A perfect  example of things coming full circle in Rik's life.  Rik has also traveled to Verona, Italy to obtain his advanced certification in the application of authentic Italian plasters at Safra Colors. 

Rik is always striving to upgrade his skill level in many different areas of the decorative arts field.  He continually searches for new products and finds instructors skilled in their usage.  He brings these products and skills back to his studio where they are perfected and shared with his clients.  He is both an artist and a craftsman and his goal is to take his client's visions and bring them to life with his special touch.  He loves to create new and exciting finishes for his clients and is not afraid to step outside of the box and try new and interesting materials to get extraordinary results.  Over the years Rik has developed a reputation for integrity and excellence and that's something he values as highly as his own artistic ability. 


  • University of Alabama, BS Art Education
  • University of Alabama, MA Art Education
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham, AA Curriculum & Development
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham, Administrative Certification

  • The Faux Finish School, Martin Alan Hirsch

                           The Art  and Business of Faux Finishing​​

​                           Designer Wall Finishes

                           ​Update Class

  • Certified Applicator for Arcustone
  • Certified Applicator for American Clay Plaster
  • The School of Italian Plasters, Doyle Self

​                          Certification for Application of Authentic Italian Plasters       

                          Advanced Certification for Application of Authentic Italian Plasters             

​                          Update Class

  • SAFRA Decoration Academy, Verona, Italy

​                          Advanced Certification in Italy for the Application of Authentic Italian Plasters

  • Faux Assured ​Studio, Heber, Utah, Mindy Harrell

​                          Certification for the application of Aurastone

  • ​Workshops with Gary Lord, Henri Menendez and Rick Fischer